10 Reasons to Invest in Brand New Homes

1. Low maintenance – No initial rehabilitation cost to worry about.  Everything is new and under warranty.  The home is ready to be in the rental market as soon as you close.

2. New = Under Warranty – An old house may need a lot of rehabilitation work, replacements, and repairs whereas new homes are brand-new and under warranty. New homes have the latest designs and building materials that allow for comfort and enjoyment before needing a replacement.

3. Quicker and Easier to Lease – From an investment point of view, newer homes are easier to lease and to sell in any type of market.

4. Energy/cost saving – New homes are more energy efficient than homes built only 5 years ago. Not to mention homes built 20/30/40 years ago. Today’s homes offer special window coatings, inert glass between the layers of glass, etc. All of these eco-friendly designs can save on energy and money in both heating and cooling season.

5. More Comfort + indoor air quality – New homes have stringent energy standards and codes. They include high-performance energy efficiency along with highly developed ventilation and air filtration. You end up getting draft-free comfort and higher indoor air quality.

6. Community amenities – New homes today are often built within communities that have Community Centers, pools, clubhouses, hiking trails, best schools and shopping nearby, etc.  These are things that potential tenants would enjoy and make the property more lucrative.

7. Innovative technology and design – It is not a secret the replacing old parts of an old home could get very expensive. Not to mention that you still don’t get the sturdy innovative built of a new home. Today’s home should reflect the way we live today.

8. Safety – New homes have newly developed circuit breakers, electric garage door openers with sensors that know if a child is too near, energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners, and heaters, materials that have more organic particles in them which allows us to breathe easier.

9. That new home feel – Potential Tenants prefer to be in a home that is new. Today more people want to experience that “never lived-in” feeling when moving to a new house.

10. Design your investment home your way – Instead of buying an old house with someone else’s design choices you can get a new house with modern floor plans. Your new home floor plan can attract more suitable tenants.

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