10 Reasons to Invest in Brand New Homes

1. Low maintenance – No initial rehabilitation cost to worry about.  Everything is new and under warranty.  The home is ready to be in the rental market as soon as you close. 2. New = Under Warranty – An old house may need a lot of rehabilitation work, replacements, and repairs whereas new homes are brand-new and…

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When is the Best Time to Buy or Sell an Investment Property?

The real estate market is cyclical. On average every 10 years, the real estate markets that are heated up will turn down. This is due to various reasons, but mainly because of supply and demand. Just like any commodity when the supply is much greater than the demand then prices will decrease. Everyone is waiting…

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Real Estate Investment Firm Vs. Real Estate Agent

Throughout my 20 years experience in the real estate investment industry, the most frequently asked question has been “What is the difference between your services as a Real Estate Investment Firm and the services provided by a real estate agent?” This is a very important question when you are planning to invest in real estate and here is my…

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